Nexon Sudden Attack

Nexon Sudden Attack

Over 30 million players worldwide, Sudden Attack is now being operated by Nexon. In order for me to continue playing, I will need to transfer my Sudden Attack character from GameHi to Nexon. During the migration process, you will have the option to convert your GH Cash (if you have any) into NX Cash (how thoughtful!).

Now, for all the SeaSA players in my region, you may have questions regarding the migration. Let’s find out here.

I don’t live in the U.S. Will I still be able to play Sudden Attack after the migration?
All players who live outside of North America and have been able to access the game will still be able to play after the migration. Yeah!

I don’t have access to my GameHi account email. What do I do?
If you cannot access the email address registered to your GameHi account, visit the GameHi site to change it before proceeding with account migration.

What are the service regions for Sudden Attack?
The service regions for Sudden Attack (NX) include the United States, Canada, Oceania, and Europe

 How do I create an account for Sudden Attack?
If you do not yet have a Nexon account, you can create on

From the Sudden Attack  home page, clicking on the “Play” button will allow you to create an account, login, initiate download and launch the game.

If you already have a Sudden Attack account with GameHi, you will need to transfer this account over to a Nexon account between November 16 and January17, 2011 in order to continue enjoying the game. So my advice is, better register a new account, as well as redownload the game, and hope it works! XDc

I can’t access the game. What can I do?
First, check if you’re running any firewalls or internet security programs. If you are using any programs that block the connection between the game client and Nexon’s server, I advise you to turn them off while playing Sudden Attack.

Then, update your drivers and DirectX to the latest version.

AVG anti-virus software is detecting a file within Sudden Attack as a virus. This may be preventing you from launching the game.  In the meantime, temporarily disabling the AVG anti-virus will allow you to enjoy the game.

If you’re still unable to access the game, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support. 

I’m having problems installing the game client on my computer. What can I do?
If you are using Windows XP/2000/Vista, please make sure you are logged on as an administrator when installing the game.

Before installation, compare your computer system with the minimum requirements on Nexon’s website to ensure that your computer meets them. I’m sure you all are familiar with that? =] 

I don’t have to tell you how to play the game or how to purchase the cash to buy stuff in the game do I? I’m sure all of us SeaSA players are familiar with the mechanics. Sometimes you will experience Error while trying to log in to Sudden Attack or the Error notifications pops up while you are in the middle of the game. Let’s check out what are all these errors. 

What is Error Code: -100000?
It means you are unable to connect to the server. You should check either your connection, firewalls, or anti-virus programs, and close any other programs you are running.  

What is Error Code: -61?
This refers to any other problems related to login, such as unable to log in to the game server.  (The difference between this and Error Code: -100000 is that – You will only experience Error Code: -61 in the log in page while Error Code: -100000 can come in while you are in the middle of the game, I assumed XD.)

What is Error Code: -61(5) or Error Code: -61(1002)?
Password is incorrect. 

What is Error Code: -61(1001), Error Code:-61(1009) or Error Code:-61(4)?
Player’s account ID is not found in the game servers.

What is Error Code: -50 or Error Code: -101?
Player’s account ID is currently logged into the game.

Sometimes you might experience some technical failure/problem for Sudden Attack. Don’t blame the game, don’t blame the connection. Read about it first, and find the solution, then you can blame all you want. 

I can’t hear anything in-game. How do I turn the sound on?
Go to the game options (pretty standard) and check that the sound option is enabled. If you are still having problems, please check if you have the latest drivers for your sound card (ever thought of that?). 

The graphics are breaking up, or my screen turns white. Why?
Certain combined board video chipsets (VIA/S3G, SIS, Intel) have been reported to cause problems running Sudden Attack. In certain cases, the game might run, but show white screens or other similar problems.

Why can’t I see the in-game text?
There have been reports that text errors can occur with certain video cards (TNT), especially older ones. To avoid this issue, make sure your video card meets the minimum system requirement. 

Why can’t I change the game screen resolution?
Please check the maximum resolution your video card supports. Additionally, make sure you click “Confirm” after you change the resolution settings. Resolution settings are only applied for game play, not the Lobby. 

The Sudden Attack Cash Shop is stocked with weapons, gear, and supplies to ensure you are prepared for any combat scenario. With the launch of the Rev 2.0 update, four exciting new items have just arrived!

99 NX Supply Box: A special box at a special price to celebrate a new beginning for Sudden Attack! For a limited time you have the chance to get any one of 25 Sudden Attack characters (including eight rare characters) for just NX 99! Characters come in 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day durations.

The 99NX Supply box will be available for two weeks only! November 16 – 30, 2011!

Point Explosion Box: Open this box for a blast of up to 10 million points! Also comes with one of the following: 1-day Color Nickname or 1-use Mission Reissue.

Scouter: Allows you to see the HP of both allies and enemies.

Mission Reissue: If your current mission isn’t to your liking, use a Mission Reissue to get a new one in the same category.

You will have the opportunity to go through the brand new Boot Camp system to refine your skills. You’ll be able to take down one of the most notorious prison complexes in the world. You’ll be able to acquire exceptional new equipment and you’ll be rewarded for it all in the new Mission and Achievement system.

Check out all the new features coming in Rev 2.0!



“Prison” is the latest exciting new map added to Sudden Attack.

Mission Briefing: “Kaminow Prison is one of the most notorious holding facilities in the country. Plenty of people have disappeared within its walls. Taking this place out will be a service to humanity, so get in there and wipe it off the map!

Boot Camp

Whether you’re new to Sudden Attack or already have some experience, Boot Camp will let you learn and refine the combat skills you’ll need to excel.

There are three different training courses in Boot Camp.

Basic Training: Boot camp will teach you all Sudden Attack basics including how to move on the battlefield, switch weapons, plant bombs and – more importantly – disarm them.

Weapon Training: Weapon Training will give you the chance to test your skills with guns on the shooting range or slice up targets in the melee room.

Battlefield Training: Battlefield Training lets you test any of the maps available in Sudden Attack for a test run. You can learn the lay of the land and form your battle plans before jumping into the fray.

Mission and Achievement System

Missions: Missions will require you to complete specific tasks while in-game. You may be tasked with getting kills with specific weapon types or defeating enemies in different game types, assassinating particular officers, and more.

Achievements: Achievements are a new way to track your progress in the game. As you acquire achievements, you will earn rewards such as experience, points, titles, and access to new powerful weapons and characters!

That’s all from what I’ve read in the website –

Check out their Facebook page – The page was launched on 14, October and it has over 4,753 fans already! Woaw! 30 million over players, no kidding.

Happy gaming people!


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  2. SANA is lagging soo much…im quitting SANA and start to play SASEA although sooo many hackers now…..damnn…..GM doesnt do anything huh??

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